Staff Augmentation, the best strategic partner

A commonly used marketing argument in service companies is the mention of the goal of making “strategic alliances” with their customers, becoming a business partner. However, the Staff Augmentation service is probably the clearest effective reflection of a true alliance, because it allows sharing the…

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Seniority and years of experience

When we create a Job Description for the search for an IT professional, Seniority is one of the first and essential data that we must include. If we search Google for a Seniority classification, we will initially find it directly related to the years of…

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IT Talent: Why is Outsourcing the Best Solution?

Many companies choose to search for and hire IT talent through their Human Resources departments as a way of preserving their culture and having greater control over the entire process. However, IT talent outsourcing is showing several advantages over this mode: • Access to a…

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IT Talent: How to make the perfect match?

In this era of IT professional shortage, achieving the perfect match between the client’s needs and IT talent requires a solid methodology, oriented towards the satisfaction of all parties involved. Some essential points are: The right “know-how”: it is essential to have experience and knowledge…

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Staff Augmentation – Customer and Talent Satisfaction

Historically, meeting and exceeding customer expectations is an essential goal for all types of companies, whether they are selling products or services. Staff Augmentation consulting firms must meet this requirement, both towards the customer and in relation to the talent they hire. At StaffRock IT,…

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