Seniority and years of experience

When we create a Job Description for the search for an IT professional, Seniority is one of the first and essential data that we must include.

If we search Google for a Seniority classification, we will initially find it directly related to the years of experience in the position.

We will find as more general:

                              Junior            Up to 2 years of Experience

                              SSenior          2 to 6 years of experience

                              Senior            experience greater than 6 years.

In different definitions, we may see some differences, where the “SSenior” profile is from 3 years, or Senior from 9 years.

However, in the IT area, seniority is more closely related to the experience in the functions that the resource can fulfill according to our needs.

A Senior profile should be able to lead a team, this is acquired based on experience but also on soft skills (leadership).

An SSenior profile requires some level of supervision but should be autonomous in terms of progress on the assigned project.

Another important point to consider is the tools and technological environments that the candidate handles. It is likely that a professional with less experience who has worked on various projects of different types, knows more tools than another (even with more experience) who always worked in the same team and project.

From StaffRock IT, in the process of thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs, we work together in defining a broad Job Description, which is the fundamental base for searching for the talent that best fits the company’s requirements.

Our Staff Augmentation service is especially different because we belong to the IT world, we thoroughly know the characteristics and skills required for each position. Contact us!

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