Staff Augmentation – Customer and Talent Satisfaction

Historically, meeting and exceeding customer expectations is an essential goal for all types of companies, whether they are selling products or services.

Staff Augmentation consulting firms must meet this requirement, both towards the customer and in relation to the talent they hire.

At StaffRock IT, a Staff Augmentation company with a strong presence in Latin America, we consider “Talent Satisfaction” to be fundamental; not as a mere statement but as a very important aspect for our growth.

It’s not just about finding the best IT talent that the customer needs, but it’s also crucial to accompany it once the hiring process begins. There’s a phrase repeated by employees “The consultant hired me and left me there, working for the client.” At StaffRock IT, we believe that the relationship with the talent should be strengthened throughout the entire contract period.

To achieve this goal, it must be approached from different aspects.

Continuous support in their activity is essential. Beyond resolving concerns with the client’s team, we provide our talents with access to our pool of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who can guide them in resolving complex issues related to their projects.

We also work with Neuro Coaching professionals using cutting-edge psychology techniques.

On the other hand, communication is imperative. We are in constant contact with our talents, and every month we have meetings with our HR team to listen to their concerns, needs, and measure their degree of satisfaction. In case of any situations that pose a risk to their continued employment, we act in conjunction with the client.

Training and the possibility of acquiring new skills allow our talents to continue growing in their professional development. We provide different training options and specializations.

Finally, with the client’s feedback, we encourage different talents based on the fulfillment of the assigned task plans, rewarding and celebrating together the achievements.

Each talent is a team member

Just as the talent will be part of a client team to achieve their goals, we make sure they feel like a member of the StaffRock IT team, on the same level as our internal collaborators. Remote work, cultural and style differences in each client organization make it necessary to generate a solid organizational culture to create unity in a diverse team.

Creating a positive work culture is a vital challenge for the personal stimulation and satisfaction of all our talents.

Conclusion: a high level of talent satisfaction will result in a higher commitment to their task. As a Staff Augmentation company that provides talent to the service of companies that trust StaffRock IT, we know that a committed talent ultimately implies a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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