Staff Augmentation, the best strategic partner

A commonly used marketing argument in service companies is the mention of the goal of making “strategic alliances” with their customers, becoming a business partner.

However, the Staff Augmentation service is probably the clearest effective reflection of a true alliance, because it allows sharing the most important resources for the customer’s projects, the IT talents.

The customer has highly qualified resources without delegating project management; and the associated labor cost, the responsibility that this implies, and the increase in the internal payroll are avoided.

The company that provides the service will be in charge of searching for, hiring, training, and monitoring the talents, as well as providing the necessary hardware and software resources for their tasks.

From StaffRock IT, we are committed to strengthening these alliances over time, working in permanent communication to ensure the optimal performance of the hired talents.

Furthermore, as StaffRock IT is a company with years of experience in the field of information technologies, we can clearly understand our customers’ needs and find the professional profile that best fits their requirements.

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