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About StaffRockIT

Being IT professionals ourselves, over the years we have built trusted relationships with the best of LatAm's IT talent. Just tell us the position you are looking for and we take care of the rest: from the search, recruitment and even the final hiring, with an agile, simple, fast and profitable outsourcing service.

It's time to rock IT!

As IT professionals we get you, we speak the same language.

What do you need to improve?
How can we collaborate?

  • Looking for the ideal candidate right at a fair cost? We can help you define the budget according to your needs.
  • We work with the best resources and tools to find the candidates at the best market time.
  • We can help you detect and define your work team, finding the best talent, with the knowledge and skills you need.
  • Tell us what you need and we get it done! We search based on your specific needs.
  • We can get results you need at the right time. We understand how important this is for you.
  • WE GOT IT!

We focus on finding the talent your team needs, on time and at a fair price


Requirements discovery
Tell us your needs:

In this step we focus on detecting the information of the search, and we collaborate with the definition of the profile in case of needing it.

Tell us about your culture:

We want to understand your team culture so we can find the candidates that match with your company vision and work environment. Share your essence with us!

How do we find talent?

We work with the best resources and tools, we are in the IT world, the candidates know us!

What are our search factors?

We work with your defined requirements to find your perfect match. Seniority, skills, cost, time zone, language, availability, everything!


We know how important it is for you that your team communicates in real time and be synchronized, for that we focus on finding the candidates that work at the same time that your team does.

How do we pre-select them?

When selecting candidates, we value attitude, skills and experience. We evaluate the knowledge of the candidates through technical and psychological tests.

We will introduce you to the best IT talent, who matches your requirements and has the best skills, so that you are the one who takes the decision

You decide who is the best candidate for you!

After the candidates are hired, We keep working with you and them to make sure everybody is happy and things are working well.

Why do the candidates stay with us?:

We keep open communication channels
We help them train and get new skills
We celebrate their achievements

How are the candidates feeling working with you?:

Every month we reach out to talents to ask them specific questions that help us assess how they are doing and how they feel about the company.

How are you feeling with the candidate’s performance?:

Every month we get in touch with you (or the team lead) to get feedback from each candidate.

If a candidate is not performing well, we work with them to seek for improvement and in case that is not the right candidate for your team we start searching right away for your perfect candidate.

You define, we execute

You will be able to get involved in the most important processes


StaffRockIT Expertise Areas

Make your awesome business idea a reality with StaffRock services.

  • Developers
  • Multi Cloud Specialists - Azure - AWS - GCP
  • QA Specialists
  • DevOps
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • RPA
  • UI / UX
  • Team Leaders
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers

What we offer

StaffRockIT service is designed to boost the quality of your projects by finding the best experts with the skills needed

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